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Team Kill Kicker 1.5.1

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About This File


This plugin monitors the server for team killing. When a set number of team kills is reached by any player, they are warned to stop team killing. After a second set number of team kills that player is removed from the server. The team kill count is reset for each level.


  • Yell Warnings – When this is enabled warnings will be yelled to the player that did the team killing.
  • Yell Time – Time to display the yelled warning.
  • Display kicks in global chat – Option to enable display of kicks in global chat for all players.
  • Log in Console – Display a log of all team kills and actions in the plugin console.
  • Kick at (TKs) – Number of team kills before player is kicked.
  • Kick message (Private) – Message that is displayed in the “You have been kicked” dialog. (Kick reason).
  • Kick message (Public) – Message that is displayed to all players in global chat (only used if “Display kicks in global chat” is on).
  • Warn at (TKs) - Number of kills before player is warned. Player will be warned for every team kill between warn and kick values.
  • Warning Message - Message sent to player warning them of the coming kick if they keep team killing.
  • Ban Team Killers - Temp ban team killers rather than kicking them.
  • Ban Time (Minutes) - Time to ban players for if tbanning is enabled in minutes.
  • Enable Mirror TK - Kill the team killer as punishment.
  • Kill at (TKs) - Number of TKs before killing starts if Mirror TKs is enabled.
  • Mirror TK Warning Message - Message that the team killer will recieve before being killed.

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