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Remote Banlist

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About This File

Remote Banlist is a plugin designed to simplify the work of managing large banlists across multiple servers.
Making use of a MySQL-Datebase, the plugin stores all its ban-information independent from the BF3-Server and it's banlists, also providing some more fields to add information like 'Banning Admin', 'Server Name', or some extra 'Comments'.
Bans can either be viewed or edited in the database directly, or in combination with leibhold's WebAdmin-Page, which also implements the RemoteBanlist-Plugin.
Please be aware: this is still an early release, so there might be some bugs within the code. Please report back if you encounter any errors!


MySQL Host
Hostname or IP of your MySQL-Server
MySQL Port
Port of your MySQL-Server
MySQL Username
Username to identify with your MySQL-Server
MySQL Password
Password to identify with your MySQL-Server
MySQL Database
Name of the database to use
Keep server-banlist empty?
If activated, the plugin issues a 'banList.clear' and 'banList.save' command after adding all bans in the list, thus keeping the local banlists clean. NOTE: DO NOT USE WITH BANLISTS CONTAINING MORE THAN 100 ENTRIES! (see 'Known bugs').
Print kicked players to pluginconsole?
Prints a message to the pluginconsole, stating that a specific player has been found when kicking him.
Debug levele
0 is no debug, 1 = min 9 = verbose messages to plugin-console
Ingame-Bancommand (without @, #, !)
NOT FUNCTIONAL - The ingame-command you are using for banning people. NOT IN USE Enter this without any prefixes (like '@', '#', '!', '/', etc).

Known Bugs

'Keep server-banlist empty?' doesn't work properly with banlists > 100 entries
Remote Banlist currently just uses the standard 'banList.list' command, which shows the first 100 bans. If there are more than that in the gameserver's banlist (NOT the remote banlist), the other ones will get lost. Working on a fix.
PunkBuster-Bans don't get added to the remote banlist automatically
The automatic ban-add mechanism currently supports adding PB-Bans to your MySQL-Database automatically.

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