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PRoCon Simple Playertracker 1.0.0

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This plugin is used to log Player chat and other general Playerinfos like GUID's .
This inludes: Chat, Playername, PBGUID, EAGUID, IP, Country, ClanTag
Data is written at the end of a Round

It reqiues the use of a MySQL database with INNODB engine that allows remote connections.(MYSQL Version 5.1.x or higher is recommendend!!!)
You will also need to download the MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver(the latest is 5.1.7(24.08.2010)), and enable ODBC connections in the procon options.
The Plugin will create the tables by itself.
Pls Give FEEDBACK !!!


  • Download and install this plugin
  • Download and install the MYSQL ODBC Connector 5.1 Driver (the latest is 5.1.7(24.08.2010))
  • Setup your Database this means create a database and the user for it. I highly recommend NOT to use your root user. Just create a user with all rights for your newly created database
  • I recommend MySQL 5.1.x or greater (5.0.x should work too) Important: Your database need INNODB Support
  • Start Procon
  • Go to Tools --> Options --> Plugins --> Enter you databaseserver under outgoing Connections and allow all outgoing connections
  • Restart Procon
  • Enter your settings into Plugin Settings and THEN enable the plugin
  • Now the plugin should work if not request help in the Forum

Things you have to know:
Now you can have more than one server per database if you use the tableSuffix feature, if you dont want to use it keep this field blank.

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