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About This File

This plugin is used to autobalance Teams in BF3 (All modes except SquadDeathMatch)
There are 3 major parts within TrueBalancer2:

1. PlayerNumber - Balancer
- The PN-Balancer try to keep the teams even by playernumber. Eg: 30vs30

2. Skill- Scrambler
- The Scrambler trys to even out the teams at roundend by skill. Eg: Even out the teams by SPM, Skill, K/D...

3. Balancing Guard
- Balancing Guard trys to keep teams even by skill during the game. He sorts new players to the teams they fit best and doesn't allow players to switch into the other team if they would unbalance the teams by PlayerNumber or Skill. In all Conquest Modes and TDM - Modes Balancing Guard doesn't allow winning team switching.

If you are running the plugins in sandboxmode, make sure you have these ports open:
https://battlelog.battlefield.com 443
http://battlelog.battlefield.com 80

This script is in Beta-Phase. Test at your own Risk. Report back please!

Tutorials and recommended Settings
TrueBalancer2 Part 1 of 3 - PlayerNumber Balancer
TrueBalancer2 Part 2 of 3 - SkillScrambler
TrueBalancer2 Part 3 of 3 - BalancingGuard


InGame Commands
@scramblenow: Will scramble the teams now. Use with caution. This will make players angry.
@scrambleround: Will scramble the teams at roundend.

Due to BalacingGuard the standart move/fmove are not working. TB has it's own commands:
@tb-fmove: Force move a player into the other team.
@tb-move: Move a player into the other team upon death.

Here is a link for the recommended settings:

Things you need to know:

Minimum values for the settings


Prefixes for TrueBalance



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