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Basic Mapzone Actions

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About This File

Provides some very basic tags for base protections with map zones. This plugin is provided as an example to other plugin authors, expect more complex tags at a later date.


Minimum trespass error
How much of the circle displayed on the battlemap must be inside of the map zone. The bfbc2 server does not send exact coordinates of players, but instead has +/- 10m to each coordinate. Think of this as a "How likely was the player actually in the zone" variable
Maximum distance for base camping
How far (in meters) must a player be from the opposite player to not be penalized for base camping. Setting to 50m would mean a player is not base-camping if they are 50m's outside of the base. This would mean players can still be killed in the base, but this would give them a lot more breathing room to push an offensive. Set to a really high number if you would prefer zero-tolerance on base camping

Base Protections

Kills Russian soldiers if they killed a U.S soldier within the zone
Kills U.S soldiers if they killed a russian soldier within the zone
Kills U.S soldiers if they killed a NVA soldier within the zone
Kills defenders if they killed an attacking soldier within the zone

Location/Kit Restriction

Kills a player for sniping within a no-sniper zone (prevent half the freaking team from camping the hill on Port Valdez.. ATTACK YOU F*$%@RS)

Additional Information

  • EFAE - Eye for an Eye, kills the killer

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