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ProconRulz is a general-purpose Procon plugin that allows admin actions to be taken based on events and triggers. The most common usage is for weapon limits,

Example :

On Kill;Weapon SMAW;Kill

(which will limit the SMAW rockets by killing any player that kills with that weapon).

Or you can limit players NOT using certain weapons,
Example : For a pistols-only server

On Kill;Not Damage Handgun;Kill

(which will kill any player that kills with anything NOT a pistol).

Rulz for many example requirements are given at the end of this thread

If you are new to ProconRulz, and look at the documentation, the fact that ProconRulz is now capable of enabling you to write sets of rulz that behave as kill-streak announcers or in-game admin or rude-word-res-ponders will appear scary at first, so don't forget ProconRulz was designed from the beginning to allow simple rulz to implement weapon limits, so it's easy to start with a single rule

Example : Limiting nades with

On Kill;Weapon M67;PlayerCount 3;Say Too many nade kills for %p%;Kill.

Apply admin commands (e.g. Kill, Kick, Say) to players according to certain 'conditions' (e.g. spawned with Kit Recon). Allows programming of weapon or kit limits, with suitable messages.

actions include kick, ban, or just a warning (yell, say).
conditions include kit type, weapon type, and can be applied at Spawn time or on a Kill.

Each rule has three parts:

  1. Trigger - i.e. when the rule should fire, On Spawn, On Kill, On Teamkill etc
  2. Conditions - list of tests to apply before actions are done, e.g. Headshot, Kit Recon etc
  3. Actions - list of admin actions to take if all conditions succeed, e.g. Kill, Kick, Say

Currently included rulz sets

  • Sniper Limit (proconrulz_sniperlimit.txt) - limits the number of snipers on each team to a maximum set at the top of the rulz. A sniper slot is reserved when the player kills with a sniper rifle. The sniper slot is released when the round ends, the player leaves, or the player kills with some other weapon and an announcement is issued to team. All players have the !snipers command which tells them the current snipers on their team. Also included is proconrulz_sniperdmrlimit.txt which is the same but limits both sniper rifles and DMR's. CREDIT tarreltje and see thread here
  • Sniper Squad Limit (proconrulz_snipersquad.txt) - only permits sniper kills if you are in a particular squad (default Echo). Also supports a !snipers command that tells users what's going on. (As above, also with proconrulz_sniperdmrsquad.txt for snipers andDMR's). CREDIT staazvaind.
  • Announcer (proconrulz_announcer.txt) - gives a few kill messages (Fred knifed Barney) for you to modify.
  • Multi-kills (proconrulz_multikill.txt) - keeps track of short-term multi-kill streaks and makes Quake-like announcements. Credit Bl1ndy and Panther.
  • Rules (proconrulz_rules.txt) - simple rulz that display messages when any player types !rules - for you to modify for your server.
  • Punish (proconrulz_punish.txt) Support of !punish / !p and !forgive / !ffor teamkills. CREDIT ty_ger07 and russel5
  • Killstreak (proconrulz_killstreak.txt) Announces kill streaks at 5/10/15 kills etc, and when ended. Credit ty_ger07
  • Best 3 Players (proconrulz_best3players.txt) Particularly for TDM announces current highest kill player & each time that changes. CREDIT tarreltje.


What's New in Version 4.4.1   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Me pudieran decir como creo un server de solo pistolas con la condicion de que cuando llegue a 50 kill pueda usar despues todas las armas.

Lo vi en un video de un youtuber y esta genial, apreciaria la ayuda.



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