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  • Set everything to run as administrator. BF4.exe, BF4WebHelper.exe, Origin and the Cinematic Tools. If you get an error about a missing .dll (Msvcp140.dll). Install the Visual C++ Redistributable package which can be found HERE!
  • Find a server with Punkbuster AND FairFight turned OFF and join it. Make sure you are launching BF4 as 64-bit.
  • Once in game, launch BF4 Cinematic Tools.exe and wait a few seconds. A console should appear with version checking and other text. If the console does not appear, make sure ExtCineTool_x64.dll is in the same folder as Cinematic Tools and in case you have auto-injection turned off in the Misc tab, make sure the message box isn't under any other window. You can also try installing the redistributable linked above or disabling your anti-virus software or installing .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • You are now ready to use the tool!

1. Creating and playing your own animation in-game
Start off by opening your animation software and importing the venice skeleton from the Animation folder.
Simply animate the skeleton and when you're ready, export it as an .FBX file. Make sure that the scale stays at 1.0 in the export settings. Open the bone tool from Misc/Info -> Other tools -> Bone tool.

If you want to play the animation on someone else than yourself, click "Get Players" and select a player from the list. Load the animation by pressing "LOAD" under the "ANIMATIONS" label and then press "PLAY". You should see your animation playing on the player you selected.

Check "Loop animation" if you want the animation to loop. "Rotate player" means that the player's rotation is taken from the animation meaning that if the player rotates by moving the mouse, it wont rotate the model.

2. Recording game animations and importing them
You can record game animations to an .fbx file by using the bone tool. Set your recording length and check "Record offset" if you also want to record the movement of the model on the map.

Press Record to start recording. First you will be asked for a "source skeleton". This is the .fbx skeleton file which is used to record the animation. Use Venice.fbx in the Animations folder.

When the recording is finished, open the venice skeleton in your animation software as you would when you're creating your own animation. Import the recorded animation, make sure "File Content" is set to "Update animation" and that the scale factor is 1.0. When the importing is done, you should see the animation you recorded.

Basically just press UPDATE to get the available effects you can spawn. Select your desired effect from the list and press SPAWN. A little box will be created on the surface you're pointing at. If you are pointing at the sky or the surface is more than 20 meters away, the box will appear right in front of you. This box represents the position and rotation of the effect. You can change the size of the box by changing the "Cube size" value.

To actually play the effect, check the "Enable controls" checkbox and aim at the cube. When the cube turns red, the effect is selected and you can press E to play the effect. E will always play the last effect that was selected (shown red).

To reposition the effect, aim at the cube and press Q. You can now move the effect around with your mouse. Hold E and move your mouse to rotate the effect. You can see three lines representing the axes: Green is X (left), red is Y (up) and blue is Z (forward). Use these to determine where the effect is currently pointing.

This pretty much allows you to use effects from other maps, such as snow & rain.

Pick a color, set size and hit "CREATE". You can pick it up and move it by pressing Q, rotate by holding E and moving the mouse. If you can't see the screen, make sure your effects are set to ULTRA in graphic settings. Only one side of the screen is visible, so be sure to walk around it if you can't see it after spawning.

Vaulting while 1p camera is enabled makes you teleport random distances
(Frostbite's problem, not related to the tool)
Using the tool in SP can break scripts to the point where the only solution is to completely restart the game and mission
Chinese AA's turret is invisible in 1P camera

1P Camera
INSERTToggle time freezeDELETEToggle cameraHOMEToggle input disableENDToggle freecamera modePAGE UPToggle UI

F1Change between scale, rotation and offsetF2Increase X valueF3Increase Y valueF4Increase Z valueCTRL + F2/F3/F4Decrease valueF5Previous boneF6Next boneF7Save current rotation/offset/scaleF8Erase saved valuesF9Decrease delta speedF10Increase delta speedF11Reset bone valuesF12Draw bones

If you are a spectator, keyboard hotkeys for 1P Camera are WASD + Mouse. Up/down is Space/Control.
If you are a player, keyboard hotkeys are Numpad 8, 4, 5 and 6. 9/7 = up/down. Arrow keys control your rotation
In both situations camera roll is controlled by numpad 1 and 3. NUMLOCK MUST BE ON!!!!


Possible fix for not finding GUI/Texture/effect list not updating
Fixed multi-animation
Bug fixes
Updated FBX SDK, should fix frame drops while playing animations
Added AZERTY toggle to Misc tab
Bug fixes
Revamped UI
Removed/Changed hotkeys
Fixed for latest updates
Added UI Toggle hotkey to PAGE UP
Added LOD fix checkbox to Misc tab. Improves draw distance
Bug fixes
Fixed BF4 crash
Another bug bites the dust
Bug fixes for Hardline
Bug fixes
Works with latest updates
Texture tool working
Texture dump will automatically change DDS header between DXT1-DXT5 to avoid creating a corrupt looking output
Fixed for Hardline
Fixed game crashing after dying in a vehicle and respawning
Fixed camera not working in vehicles
Fixed visuals crashing the game on some maps
Fixed hooks on Hardline + some other stuff
Separated FBX SDK to its own .dll to save space
libfbxsdk.dll will be automatically copied to the game folder if it doesn't exist already
Added water tab to visual environment
Hotkeys are running in their own thread.
Hotkeys can be pressed again instantly after releasing the button (useful for freezing for example)
Removed most of the hotkeys (Mainly SHIFT+ ALT+ ones)
Added timed effects for effect player
You can now remove effects by pointing at them and holding down 'R'
Camera doesn't rotate when rotating an effect
Effect doesn't rotate with the player anymore
Made pointing at the effect easier
Pointing at an effect and pressing R will stop all instances of the effect
The actual effect moves with the box after playing
Fixed animation loading again
Added rudimentary bundle loading to effects tab, check the help button for help
Gave lights 3D cube and cone for markers.
Fixed animation tool crashing on vehicles and loading animations
Updated Hardline version for new DLC
Added WIP effect spawner, read readme for controls
Changed _WIN32_WINNT to Windows 7 for compatability
Fixes and small adjustments
Fixed for spring patch
Few fixes
Works with latest patch on Hardline
Fixed more stuff for Hardline
Changed light colors to darker in the GUI
Got rid of memory scanning. Getting textures of weapons shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds now.
Added Change Sprite button to Depth of field tab so you can change the ugly doughnut shape to something else. (example sprite http://files.1337upload.net/ball-036586.png)
Fixed stuff for Hardline
Added a lot of bugs
Added experimental support for Hardline
Fixed black screen bug with VE
Fixed light renaming breaking the list
Fixed light preset loading
Added bone & animation tool (Please refer to the readme for hotkeys and help)
Added search functionality to texture tool
You can now save and load light presets. You can also rename lights by double-clicking on them
Added offset scanning as a failsafe for game updates. Tools have a possibility to still work after game updates.
Fixed the update prompt
Works with Final Stand
Added the bullet camera
Rearranged the main camera tab
The game shouldn't crash so easily if you die/your vehicle blows up while main camera is enabled
Added "Ignore chase cameras" checkbox. 3rd person camera has the "correct" sounds so that's why you might want to use it
Changed the way faction emblems are disabled. Shouldn't crash now
Added "Other tools" menu to misc tab
Added the Light Manager, which can create spotlights and point lights + edit their properties
Added the kit editor. Use it to change what model you spawn with or what guns you have
Added game timescale controller to misc tab
Allow variable tick rate makes animations smoother with smaller timescales, but absolutely fucks up with everything else
Under-the-hood stuff again + small tweaks I don't remember... Should probably start logging those when I make them
Fixed visual presets
Fixed film grain linear filtering checkbox not working correclty
Fixed bomber crashing the 1st person camera
Fixed "Disable soldier input" for vehicles
Got rid of the injector. The DLL is now auto-injected when the game is detected.
Added 1st person model checkbox
Added disable flares checkbox to outdoor light.
Integrated Texture Tool to Misc tab
25.7.2014 Hotfix
Fixed DoF Settings not affecting sprite DoF.
Fixed spamming "GUI Found"
Hotkey sensitivity further decreased to 1 second
Prevent camera movement if chat or menu is open
Game version check added
Admin check added
Don't spam errors
Water level is sent to UI on first inject or map change
Added some new camera features
DoF Focus can be changed with mouse scroll
Some other stuff
Works with latest patch
Keyboard and controller are now enabled by default
Cleared up the UI a bit.
Prevent users from sending null values
Added soldier input disable. Allows to use WASD + Mouse with 1P Camera
Changed and introduced some new hotkeys. CTRL hotkeys work with ALT now. Please refer to README.txt
Made camera rotation smoother
Added camera roll speed
Added water level + player emblem disable to Misc tab
Decreased hotkey sensitivity from 0.1s to 0.5s
Added a small gear icon to the top left corner of the program that dumps debug info. If you crash, please click it and attach the dumped file to your bug report.
Small code changes I already forgot about. Using latest DirectX kit etc...
Possible fix for DoF crash which was probably caused by the user nulling the value (by using backspace) and it getting sent. If a value is null, it defaults to zero.
Fixed 1st person camera in SP
Fixed 1st Person camera crashing when the player dies. Added a simple health check
Removed ExtCineTool_x64_D.dll, console is now always on. It's a good indicator whether the injection was successful and it also tells useful information, like last actions, should a crash occur.
Initial release


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