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Basic infomation:
Very simple interface to the new chat moderation functions. Allows you to mute players, and promote players to different chat levels. Also allows you to change the chat moderation mode of the server.

The Basic In-Game Info plugin must be enabled on the same machine that is running this plugin.
Procon version or above

- Extract CPlayerMuter.cs into plugin directory.

Player Commands
- Mute player
This mutes the player completely. The player will be unmuted depending on the the 'Remove mute after' option

- Mute player <time>
This mutes a player for the period defined by the admin. Time is in minutes.

- Normal player
This allows the player to chat in Free mode. Normal is the default setting for players.

- Voice player
Allows the player to chat in Free and Moderated modes.

- Admin player
Allows the player to talk in all moderation

Server Commands

Free chat
This is the default mode, and allows everyone to chat, except for muted players

Moderated chat
This allows for only people with Voice and Admin chat rights to talk.

Muted chat
Only players with Admin chat rights can talk.

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