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This plugin is used to autobalance Teams in BC2 (Rush, Conquest, SquadRush) and MoH
It will switch the last player who joined the team.
This script is in Beta-Phase. Test at your own Risk. Report back please!

Things you have to know:

Because Procon/BC2 doesn't have a variable which contains the join time of the players, the join time is being recorded, when the Plugin starts.
This can lead that the first Balances could be random, because everybody -joined- at the same time. (when the plugin was turned on).
How many Warnings? --- Minimum Value = 1
Allow Player Diffrence of --- Minimum Value = 1 --- Because if the diffrence is 1 the teams are still balanced.
Time between Warnings in sec --- Minimum Value = 5
Enable Whitelist --- Yes/No
Whitelist Name --- Name of VIP-Players

Explaining the Settings:
How many Warnings = 2
Time between Warnings in sec = 20
This means, that the Autobalance will kick in in 20*2 = 40 seconds.

Prefixes for TrueBalance


Known Issues:
- Using any other plugin which changes a player to the other team's side will give this player a new JoiningTeamTime. TrueBalancer can't filter out at the moment, if a player changed side by himself or has been forced to change by another Plugin.

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