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Level-specific settings
When the server loads a new level, it looks through a pool of level-specific setting. If it finds anything that applies, then its value is used to override the default values for the level.

Level-specific settings come as three different contexts: either they apply to all levels, or only levels within one gamemode, or one specific level. When the server loads a new level, it will prefer settings for a narrower context; i.e. if there is an overall setting, a setting for the current gamemode, and a setting for the current level, then the setting for the current gamemode will be used.

Changing Settings

  • levelVars.set is used to set a level-specific setting. For instance, to double the ticket count for all CONQUEST levels, you would do ‘levelVars.set gamemode CONQUEST tickets 200’.
  • levelVars.get reads the value of a specific setting.
  • levelVars.evaluate determines what value of a current setting applies to the current level; useful when there are multiple contexts that apply to the current level and it’s difficult to tell which has highest priority.

Context Options (red)

  • all
  • gamemode <name of game mode>
  • level <name of level>

Gamemode Names (green)

  • RUSH
  • SQDM

Level Names (green)

  • Panama Canal = mp_001
  • Valparaíso = mp_002
  • Laguna Alta= mp_003
  • Isla Inocentes = mp_004
  • Atacama Desert = mp_005
  • Arica Harbor = mp_006
  • White Pass = mp_007
  • Nelson Bay = mp_008
  • Laguna Presa = mp_009
  • Port Valdez = mp_012

Implemented Settings (blue)

  • tickets <percent> (default: 100) This is a scale-factor for the original number of tickets on a level for Conquest, number of tickets for both teams for Rush and Squadrush, number of tickets for the attacking team for Squad Deathmatch, winning ticketcount
  • ticketBleedSpeed <percent> (default: 100) This is a scale-factor for the original bleed-speed for a level specifies how quickly tickets should bleed when one side has dominance
  • vehicleSpawnRate <percent> (default: 100) This is a scale-factor for the original vehicle spawn rate on a level specifies how quickly vehicles should respawn; this does not affect other caps that are built into the levels, such as “Max X vehicles of type Y on this level”
  • vehiclesDisabled <true|false> (default: false) When disabled, vehicles and stationary anti-vehicle weapons are removed from the level. Disabling vehicles makes the server “Modified”.
  • startDelay <seconds> (default varies from gamemode to gamemode) pecifies how long the spawn-delay will be once the first player has loaded in to a map
  • respawnDelay <seconds> (default: 15-20 somewhere) when a player is killed, it takes this long until he/she can spawn in again. Minimum allowed value is 10 seconds.


levelVars.set <context> <key> <value>

levelVars.set all vehicleSpawnRate 200 (make vehicles spawn quicker on all maps)
levelVars.set gamemode CONQUEST ticketBleedSpeed 150 (make tickets bleed slightly faster on conquest maps)
levelVars.set level levels/mp_001 disabledVehicles "BMD3,A3M3,QUAD" (remove these 3 vehicles on Panama Canal map only)

Note: These settings should be set in the Startup.txt file under the 'Level Specific Settings' header. One setting per line.

Tutorial Videos

Optionally you can add videos from Youtube or Vimeo to your tutorial

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